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Early College

Early College is a program for high school students within the Grand Traverse region and Wexford-Missaukee ISD to earn college credits and up to an associate degree by completing course work at their home high schools, at Northwest Ed Services (formerly TBAISD), or WMISD Career-Tech Centers, and on Northwestern Michigan College's campus. Participating students and parents will recognize significant tuition cost savings and be on a faster track to obtaining a college degree. Course tuition is funded through Michigan school aid funds.

Early College Programs

  • Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS)
    • Learn more about the TCAPS Early College Program
      • Application Steps
        1. Meet with your high school counselor
        2. Submit an online application form at
          1. Select "High School Early College" as your student type
          2. Your program of study should be "Liberal Arts & Science, ASA"
        3. Request an official transcript from your high school to be sent directly to 九五至尊5老品牌
        4. Submit a two paragraph essay to 九五至尊5老品牌 on why you want to enroll in the Early College Program
        5. Submit your Enrollment Authorization Form to request classes you may want to take.
    • For more information on the TCAPS Early College Program please contact:

Simply Put, Early College is:

  • Public, tuition-free
  • An extended high school program including a 13th year
  • Integrated with high school courses
  • Includes college campus experience
  • Degree and career-focused

Find information on Dual Enrollment here

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Benefits of Early College

  • Tuition cost savings
  • Career fast track
  • High-value/low cost
  • Accelerated learning
  • Reduced time in college
  • Blended learning